Introduction to the NFP

The Nurturing Fathers Program is a strength based 13 week class of fathers, or people in a fathering role, and seeks to help dad's explore some of the ways that fatherhood is influenced by: family, communities and culture.

The class is a discussion class that is led by a credentialed parent educator.  Discussions are guided through the use of a class book that is used to write down thoughts and ideas about how thinking may be changing in regard to discussions that are had in the class setting.  The discussions are also guided through small group activities and brainstorming.  Videos are also used to stimulate discussions.
 Throughout the 13 week classes, dad's make notes about ways their thinking is changing and the kind of dad they "want to be" and this is used for the final session.  The final class is a "graduation" class and dad's are able to invite family members to come and here a letter that they have put together that incorporates some of the learning experiences they had during the classes.

Many dad's have found the 13 week's to be very supportive  and often try to figure out how to continue meeting together after the class to continue helping each other.  During the class, fathers are strongly encouraged to connect with each other using a "buddy system". 

At the beginning of the class each father, or person in a fathering role, voluntarily signs and agrees to the Program Contract.  The program Contract is attached here.

Parents Agree to: 
  • Attend all weekly classes
  • Participate actively 
  • Complete the pre and post survey
  • To refrain from using any substances before class or during any scheduled home visits
  • Have any absences pre-approved

Each person also completes a self rating pre-survey of ways they see their parenting practices.  This survey is completed at the end of the group session too.  The survey is called the AAPI 2 (Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory) and provides an evidence based measure of what parents learned while taking part in the class.  The AAPI is attached here.  

For parents that have infants and Toddlers they compete a version of the AAPI that is a Developmental Survey.  This is also attached here.

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