13 Week Group Topics

1.  The Roots of Fathering
2.  Self Nurturing Skills I:  Fathering "The Little Boy Within"
3.  Self- Nurturing Skills II:  The Power To Meet My Own Needs
4.  The World of Feelings and Male Nurturance
5.  The Power to Nurture: Fathering Without Violence or Fear
6.  Overcoming Barriers to Nurturing Fathering:  Anger, Alcohol and Stress
7.  Discipline and Fun & Games
8.  Play shop: Fun & Games for Fathers and their Children
9.  Nurturing Relationships I:  fathering Sons/Fathering Daughters
10.  Nurturing Relationships II:  Teamwork between Father and Spouse/Co-   
11:  A Time and a Place for Fathering
12.  Healing the Father Wound
13.  Graduation Ceremony and Closing Activity
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